Northumberland’s Finest Afternoon Tea Spots

November 20, 2023 3:04 pm

Embrace the tradition of afternoon tea amidst the charming settings of Northumberland and the North East. From elegant tearooms to historic estates, these establishments offer delectable treats and a delightful ambiance for a leisurely afternoon.

The Quintessential Tea Experience

The Running Fox

Located in a number of locations (Felton, Longframlington, Shilbottle, & Longhoughton), delve into the inviting charms of The Running Fox, a quaint bakery and café celebrated for its delightful homemade cakes, scones, and irresistible pastries. Offering an authentic rural experience, this cosy establishment nestled in serene countryside invites patrons to unwind amid the aroma of freshly baked goods and the warmth of its welcoming ambiance.

The Running Fox Afternoon Tea

Doxford Hall Hotel & Spa

Discover indulgence amidst nature’s embrace at Doxford Hall Hotel & Spa in Chathill. Set amidst lush greenery, this stately establishment invites you to a luxurious afternoon tea experience within its grand historic walls. Step into the timeless elegance of the hall, where delicately prepared treats and meticulously brewed teas await, promising a truly memorable affair.

Doxford Hall Afternoon Tea

Jesmond Dene House

Step into Jesmond Dene House, a boutique hotel offering a luxurious backdrop for an elegant afternoon tea. Amidst its sophisticated ambiance, patrons enjoy delectable treats and personalised service.

Jesmond Dene Afternoon Tea

Coastal Charms and Tea Delights

The Bamburgh Castle Inn 

Savour a splendid afternoon tea at The Bamburgh Castle Inn while being captivated by the breathtaking views of the iconic Bamburgh Castle. This delightful combination of scenic beauty and sumptuous tea creates an experience that lingers long after the last sip.

The Grand Hotel

Enjoy the allure of seaside elegance at The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth. This historic establishment invites guests to relish classic afternoon tea while soaking in mesmerising views of the sea.

The Grand Hotel Afternoon Tea

From charming tearooms to luxurious hotels, Northumberland and the North East offer an array of delightful spots to indulge in the elegance of afternoon tea. Each venue promises a blend of delectable treats, serene settings, and a touch of tradition, making it an experience to savour. If you’re considering an overnight stay to fully enjoy your afternoon tea experience, explore our range of available cottages for the perfect accommodation to complement your tea-filled day.